Missed My Target

I did not hit my target goal of 100,000 words by June 15th. It is now June 25th and I am sitting at 79,148.

This has not stopped me from feeling that moving to writing was the right choice for me. It has just shown that it was not going to be as easy as I thought to hit that target.

Every day I could I opened up Scrivener to lay down some words. Most days I was able to get some down. Few days I would have them flowing out perfectly, but there were far too many days where I sat with a blinking curser.

One main lesson I learned is that I really need to find a spot to sit and write without distractions. Sitting in my living room made it too easy to turn on the TV and put on something I had seen before, “just to have sound”. When it was cooler out I would sit outside, but now that the weather is getting way to hot, even in the single digit early hours.

Now that I have updated my site, software and post, I can check those off my list of things to do as a distraction from writing, but are things that were needed to be done anyway.

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