NaNoWriMo Winner!

I came up with a title and an idea just a couple of days before it started. Add that with the ability to post my daily word updates directly from Scrivener, it sold me on giving it another go.

Stay above track each day for words needed. I finished the last day with only needing 430 words. I went 460 just to finish my thought I was working on.

It’s a story about one friend who became a billionaire from bitcoin he forgot about. Missing his friends, he took them on a week-long trip to play pirate, with all that entails. One thing he wanted to do was take out some modern day pirates. They even hire a Merc as a sort of tour guide for the week. Current title is Friends to the End.

I have already run it through ProWritingAid to correct the basic grammar and spelling mistakes. If you have not tried it, I highly suggest it. Similar to Grammarly, but it can read lots of writing software files directly, like Scrivener. Not having to copy out thousands of words back and forth it worth its weight in gold.

Referral Link: Normally it would add on years to a paid account. But I already sprung for the lifetime account. Might give you something, or at least direct to signing up for a free account.

I have sent off my first draft to a couple of friends and one daughter. Now, off to write more stories. I will circle back to this in a few months, even if I don’t get feedback to fix it.

If you stumble across this blog and want a Beta copy, let me know. Probably closer to an Alpha state of things.

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