Once more with feeling.

Last year I decided to change my career path from learning programming to writing. After spending over five years teaching myself C# programming, feeling like my skills were not getting better at it at an appropriate rate over that amount of time. During those years there were many conventions I attended. What I would purchase from those who were able to get a table changed as well, I found myself picking up more of the indie comics and books than collectables. Looking for new stories, new worlds to enter. This got me thinking what about my stories, I have always played out ‘What Ifs’ in my head, playing them out to wild extremes. It finally hit me, I wanted to switch from writing code to writing books, I wanted to be an author.

To test my devotion to my new career path I set a lofty goal for my first writing project, 100,000 words. At first I there was no date set to be done, just a basic 500 words per day writing goal. Missing some of the days goals I want to see how that would stack up with a date set to have it all done. Using the Scrivener app it allowed me to track my progress to the goal and adjust the daily word count if I don’t make it for some days. Right now it is at 533 a day to make it for my June 15th randomly chosen goal.

But most importantly I am enjoying every moment of it.

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