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Typewriter Margin Backing Sheet

Do you ever wish you could turn on margins when using your typewriter? It’s simpler than clicking a button on your old word processor. All you need to do is use a specific backing sheet when typing. Using a backing sheet is a good idea to help protect your platen when typing. Even when using […]

Typewriter Writing

NaNoWriMo Round 3

It’s that time of year again where I am excited for National Novel Writing Month. This year I have my idea already. Need to plan out some details for it. I am going to try my hand at Fantasy this year. Still feeling out what I like to write. So far there has been nothing […]


My First Typewriter

Smith-Corona Sterling Series 4A SN-4A129529 Until a few years ago, I loved and embraced technology. Digital was the only way. Buying the latest and greatest I could afford. Sometimes riding that financial line too close, phasing between red and black. Something changed over the last five-ish years. Maybe it’s my age, turning 42 this year. […]