Slow to write

I have been still working on getting time to work on my second draft written.

My wife and I came across a great business opportunity at the end of 2019 to acquire a soaping company that would add to our current soaping business. Specifically we were excited about adding recipes for hard bar soaps, they take time to get right when learning. This can be a costly and time consuming to learn on your own. Secondly we were acquiring an established brand with an active consumer base.

We were able to squeeze out the money to get everything we needed by maxing out our credit. Naturally we got this all settled just prior to a world wide pandemic. Our grand brand joining event we are supposed to be attending in August is still up in the air as to whether it will still happen. The event says they are going forward with it, but being in Cali we are a little skeptical.

All my extra time has been set aside for getting everything organized from our acquisition of the company plus everything we purchased to make products for the upcoming event.

Sat down to do some writing tonight as my wife went to bed early, giving me a little time before I normally go to bed. I wrote the majority of my first draft in the evening before bed. There was a four hour or so time difference between when she would goto bed before me. Deciding to go forward full force in our new endeavor my wife quit her full time job that required her to go to bed so early.

I have enjoyed the extra time with my wife. And with setting up the new company. But I am excited to get back to writing and working on my second draft as more and more time is coming back my way.

Every word adds up and I keep plugging away at it.

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